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Terms & Conditions

1. Reservation Agreement

All agreements are established if all necessary information for the agreement is known by J&S Tours through phone or in written (fax, e-mail, post).

2. Confirmation

All agreements will be confirmed in writing by J&S Tours. Inaccuracies should be transmitted within 10 days after you submitted your application form. Costs arising from mistakes that are found later than 10 days will be borne by the customer. Modification costs will be Nalf. 50,- for changing any data of third parties.

3. Payment

1- On the invoice is the total amount that must be paid before the departure date.

2- A down payment of Nalf. 500,- has to be done during the application of a tour.

3- The remaining amount can be paid in terms of 2 months before the tour; the total amount has to be paid.

4- Half of the total amount has to be paid at least 4 months before the departure date.

5- J&S Tours can directly terminate the agreement at the applicable cancellation policy when the payment is too late. We will charge the cancellation costs by the client.

6- The prices quoted in the brochure include sales tax OB. The price does not include baggage allowance, gratuity and airport tax and fuel surcharge. J&S Tours has the right to charge surcharges for unforeseen increases in taxes and/or (environmental) chargers.

4. Excluded / Included

Everything that is included in the price is listed on the invoice. Besides that on the invoice is also written which things are not included.

5. Optional Excursions

Optional excursions are delivered by third parties and are local representatives. J&S Tours is just an intermediary and is not responsible for the excursions. Our local representatives reserve the right to change excursions and/or take out the program. It may happen that certain excursions will be canceled because of low participation or bad weather. J&S Tours cannot be held responsible.

6. Delays

It can happen that you are delayed by the weather, strikes, or other things. J&S Tours cannot be held responsible for the delays.

7. Insurances

1- There is a travel insurance included. It is only valid during the tour. The conditions of the travel insurance can be requested at J&S Tours.

2- There is no cancellation insurance included. For extended coverage for the cancellation of a trip for unforeseen reasons, the customer may buy cancelation insurance at an insurance company. The cancellation insurance insures the total amount, before the tour.

8. Responsibility

1- J&S Tours cannot be held responsible in situations like; a) natural disaster, war-acts, terrorism and political unrest during; b) the trip to the destination and back, transport to the accommodation and back; c) delays and or damage to events carried out by third parties such as excursions and activities.

2. J&S Tours is not responsible for the damage referred to the first paragraph to the extent that is not due to his fault under the law and accordance with accepted standards in Curacao.

9. General Provision

Obvious mistakes in brochures, on the website, on social media, in the advertisement, or in writings do not bind J&S Tours. Prices are subject to change. If third parties change their prices or route and the information on the brochures is not valid anymore, J&S Tours is not responsible for that kind of change.

10. Border Documents

It is the responsibility of the traveler to have valid border documents. J&S Tours has no responsibility if the traveler does not have the required border documents and or travel documents eg visa and it causes problems.

11. Responsibility Main Booker

The main booker of the tour is responsible for the tour reservation and agrees that he/she is responsible for the payment of the group. All participants are responsible to know that the main booker will sign on their behalf and what it entitles.

12. Documents to Deliver

1- Every person has to submit a copy of his or her valid passport at least 3 months prior to the departure date. A valid passport must be at least 6 months valid before departure.

2- The traveler is responsible to arrange the required VISA to enter the country of destination legally. Upon the request of the clients, J&S Tours may assist to arrange a tourist VISA for the traveler against a certain amount.

13. Cancellation Policy

1- The cancellation costs are Nalf. 500 per person.

2- Cancellation between 130 and 110 days before the departure date will cost 50% of the total amount.

3- Cancellation between 109 and 90 days before the departure date will cost 75% of the total amount.

4- Cancellation of 89 days or less before the departure date costs 100% of the total amount.